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Wed Sep 26 13:10:26 PDT 2007

*Poor Shoddy*

*shŏd´ ē [origin unknown]*

* *

She's odd.

She's nobody and knows it.

She shudders, all shook up

in her shabby body

her shunned body.

Can't shed odors of a shady past,

a shaggy dog story of shitty odds,

a soggy shack, slipshod

shanty 'mid the sodden sod.

A sure lock on schlocky. Come up short.

What's sloppy is near ungodly,

what's odious should be shot.

Should die. Should she? Shhh. . .

Such damaged goods

the source of Schadenfreude.

Shocking. Her show of shards.

What a lot to shoulder.

Shut the shutters, shadow lady,

shut the shouting out

(ah, but not the shame)

the stab of an age-old jeer

that seems to call your name—

*Cheap shoes! Cheap shoes!*
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