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*Her Linen Smogged*
*for NM*

                       She is caged
                        in an encasing glance

moss, camel sung

                                    Smog over glass songs

Calm loss, lemons scaling solemn

                      Melon macing smells

                                                         She hangs from the
clang elm
                                                          a lime smile

Lilac claims her mica
manic linens smog omens

                                         lac ensigns nine
                                         a clonal messing

                       Nosing around names
                       an "amen" clings

                       Into the canal's galena lace
                       magic snags on glass

       Coma angel, my gallon mangle

       mango and lanolin, nominal

                                    The enigma of signalmen

Lame ass!

*Anne Gorrick's* work has been published in many journals including: *American
Letters and Commentary*, the *Cortland Review, Dislocate, eratio, Fence,
Gutcult, Hunger Magazine, MiPOesias, No Tell Motel, Seneca Review, Sulfur*,
and *word for/word*. Her work has appeared in several anthologies including:
*The Bedside Guide to No Tell Motel*, (No Tell Press, 2006), *Homage to
Vallejo* (Greenhouse Review Press, 2006), and *Riverine: An Anthology of
Hudson Valley Writers* (Codhill Press, 2007). Her first book, *Kyotologic*,
was published in 2008 by Shearsman Books (Exeter, UK). Collaborating with
artist Cynthia Winika, she produced a limited edition artists' book *"Swans,
the ice," she said* with grants from the Women's Studio Workshop in
Rosendale, NY and the New York State Council for the Arts. She also curates
the reading series Cadmium Text, featuring innovative writing from in and
around New York's Hudson Valley. More about the readings can be found

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