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Tue Dec 16 14:31:10 PST 2008


ancient tower
circling millennia
i want a storm

i know rings
try on each
what i think

i live in my life
i have a hawk
i perform


eyes wide
fall distant
in the heavens

his traps murmur
his traps gesture
infinitely heavy

earth isolated
from all stars
looks far to trip

sky hands that hook
these hands all fall
they fall to andrej

*Andrew Lundwall *is the editor of *Scantily Clad Press *(
http://scantilycladpress.blogspot.com). His work has appeared in numerous
print and electronic literary journals internationally, including *PFS Post,
Big Bridge, Shampoo, Moria, Near South, Miami Sun Post's Mad Love, 88: A
Journal of Contemporary American Poetry, Otoliths, rock heals,* and *
Blazevox*. He has released two chapbooks, *klang* (deep cleveland press,
2006) and *funtime* (Funtime Press, 2007), a collaboration with Adam Fieled.

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