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couplets unheroic

he had a girlfriend on the side.     he had a boyfriend on the side
he had too many sides:  back- front- and be-, the problem was:  he’d hide

and in my mind, the darkest runnings:  don’t think I didn’t suspect
the mysterious calls from portland.    the hickey upon his pec

the cum towel he never laundered had become crusty and shrunk
he drank to function but didn’t function:  instead he was a drunk

I pity the woman who marries this straight boy who likes to cheat
who’s a bomb in the sack for anyone—unless it’s not his mate

still, I pray he is safe, and not always dreaming of my casket
like a crappy hired mourner, carrying his own little wilting basket

                                                       for Donald Haines
Eason, the last

*D. A. Powell* is the author of four books of poetry, most recently *Chronic
* (Graywolf, 2009). He is co-author, with David Trinidad, of *By Myself: An
Autobiography* (Turtle Point Press, 2009). Powell has published recent poems
in *New England Review*,* Barrow Street*, *Tin House* and *A Public Space*.
He teaches in the English Department at University of San Francisco.

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