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Master I learned from     more than anybody him

what love is how / To recognize it love

That’s how I knew I was right to cut Mary’s throat

Thinking of what he     did to me my

body what I knew he would

Do to Mary     to Priscilla cut     / Didn’t just cut

and leave her body move

On to her sister     made     sure she was dead

I loved her     wanted her / Head to come off in my hands

*Shane McCrae* is the author of *Mule* (Cleveland State University Poetry
Center, 2011), and two chapbooks, *One Neither One* (Octopus Books, 2009)
and *In Canaan* (Rescue Press, 2010). His work has appeared, or is
forthcoming, in *The Best American Poetry 2010*,*Fence*, *Agni*, *Denver
Quarterly*, *Typo*, and others.

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