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In the beginning was now, dreaming collarless

streams like a couple straying together into

mold rage. We whose first names are.

We, whose? Same zip’s ode. Uncertain’s weather.

Ore’s knot. The sky in knots weight for anyone;

The ground, slow river, is and uttered star’s green.

As I was. Fraying. A torn anecdote

hit my mutter’s vernal core, ripped dawn here’s

fence. Nobody was her. Are you glistening through me?

Do you even core what I’m a keening? I don’t brink

you flew. Dear, my puns and homing too ripple of,

every sing leaks the filial truth: we will go supped in flumes.

*Heidi Lynn Staples* is the author of *Dog Girl *(Ahsahta 2007) and * Guess
Can Gallop *(2004). Her poems have appeared in *Chicago Review*, *Denver
Quarterly*,* Ploughshares*, *Women's Studies Review*, and elsewhere.
Currently, she is finishing up a PhD in Athens, GA.

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