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*Railroad tracks, trestles, tunnels, bridges, yards and rail cars are
private property.*

When I can’t see the family of a person

I can imagine they’re their own property.

I can go wandering over your bridges and trestles

your lonely but in-constant-action tracks and yards

and weeds and tags your body’s the entrance to.

A person can be owned but not own or

the train goes the other way toward

the opening point I linger near.

Bodies are mutually exclusive—this not that—relax—

that’s the way to love them mine including yours—

The tracks stretch night and pale day.

I feel like I’d be moving in the right direction

if I were behaving in the bravest way

my bravest self imagines:

magnetic explorer! Congress of crossings!

Friction is one way to generate heat

whether you want it or not

what’s the biggest gift

a train can give us?

I don’t think it’s safety

It might be electricity

It might be outside the soaked tradition chest.

*Kate Schapira* is the author of *TOWN* (Factory School, Heretical Texts,
2010), *The Bounty: Four Addresses *(forthcoming from Noemi Press before
year's end), and two more books forthcoming in 2012 from Stockport Flats and
Horseless Press, as well as chapbooks from Flying Guillotine, Horseless,
Rope-A-Dope and Cy Gist Presses, and Portable Press at Yo-Yo Labs. She lives
in Providence, RI, where she co-curates the Publicly Complex Reading Series
and teaches writing to college students and 4th grade scientists.

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