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Photograph me staring at

the photograph my brother

snapped of himself on a glacier

before blasting a hole in his throat.

Hang beside it the postcard

of an old west town sign

announcing I’m in Surprise:

Population, 1. The moment

I realize no one cares if there’s

a body of work about him,

college kids in Oslo will find

a way to visualize the invisible

webbing of wi-fi signals by slowly

walking a rod with mounted strobes

over the snow, the bitmapped

landscape overexposed, unreal.

*W. M. Lobko*’s poems, interviews, & reviews have appeared in numerous
journals, including *Kenyon Review *Online, *Sixth Finch*, *Hunger
Mountain, & Boston Review*. New work is forthcoming in *Slice *Magazine.
His poetry has been nominated for a Pushcart Prize. His MFA is from the
University of Oregon, & his home is New York City, where work on his poetry
manuscript *Kin Anthem *and his novel *The Quick Brown Fox* doggedly

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