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*from* (i.e., Jump)

You who are mortal & alarming,

cut your coat out of your own back-

yard. Measure the curve of water with the bare

of your pale & cumbered bones & feel.

Time has already changed the present

so commas are shuddering into periods

of blue. Our longing becomes a shimmering

desert & to come back is alone. I see my face

again in the mirror & that bearing grin becomes

a cistern of disgrace I can’t let go. Is *ceci n’est pas *

*une pipe* a poem? I don’t know. In a dream we are

standing outside the Pantheon, & I wonder could Adam

have known his own loneliness? The poem is a dream

& the desert is blue in light of all this.

*Daniel Scott Parker *has never wrestled an alligator, but he has drunk
water from the Okefenokee Swamp. His poems have appeared or are forthcoming
in *Spork Press, Marco Polo,* *The Stray Dog Almanac, *and *great weather
for MEDIA.* He lives in Chicago, where he is pursuing an MFA in poetry.

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