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                              After the prairie fire

                                                   we fell in love beneath

       A palm tree:

                              *NUCLEAR GREEN* thorough

                              and crystalline

                              I was a blue chartreuse.


                              French cemeteries *are* better, aren't

                                         they, Benadryl?

Coast," my ass, Jacksonville, Florida.

Sharon, in the dream, talking

all night *TO A SUMMER WILLOW*




of their cold, in

to our


It was a long time ago.

Michael Keenan received his MFA in Literary Arts from Brown University. His
first chapbook, “Two Girls,” was published by *Say No Press *in 2009, and
his first book, "Translations On Waking In An Italian Cemetery," will be
released by *A-Minor Press* in 2014. He was nominated for a Pushcart Prize
in 2011 and was recently chosen by C.D. Wright to be featured in the PEN
Poetry Series. His writing has appeared in *Fence*, *Alice Blue Review*,
*Shampoo**, Paul Revere’s Horse*, and *Arsenic Lobster*, among others, and is
forthcoming in *Noo Journal*. Michael no longer drives a waffle truck in
Northern Florida, but he wishes that he did.


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