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Nevermind the haze
nesting in the valley.

Nevermind the tallest flag
by the river dimmed—

the woman will return home,
bragging how she alone

glimpsed a binocular flash
from a lookout’s shack—

how she saw his eyes
look once then

cut away while the river
buried the sky

a bit deeper.


*Here, the world ends,*
she moans,

as a spindle of light
in the land-mined grass

bends and gulps like a heron.
Every tourist here is hawk-eyed,

cradles visions
in their blinking cameras:

curl of barbed wire,
nod of a bored soldier

thumbing through the day’s
instructions as

his loosened helmet
slips in the heat.


She strains
to memorize the land

beyond him—
the other country

borderless below
a dismantled bridge—

somehow familiar
and yet like nothing before

or since; a hill is a hill
she thinks. The jackknifed

grass; everything bends
familiar. Once before

she has seen it, the place,
though not here,

where lands blurs
so near,

only the birds
carve through.

*L.S. McKee*'s poems have appeared in *Gulf Coast*, *Blackbird*, *Ninth
Letter*, *Indiana Review*, *The Louisville Review*,  *New South*, and
elsewhere. She received her MFA from the University of Maryland and a
Wallace Stegner Fellowship in poetry from Stanford University. Originally
from East Tennessee, she lives in Atlanta and teaches at the University of
West Georgia.


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