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*Ode to Clouds*

O clouds, you interstellar happenings, you
rhombus wisps
of transparent leaves, shaping sight - a familial
blossoming.  O wide wind seers, cirrus-drafts of curving
light, moving commas into mare’s
tails, writing that evaporates
into twines of kite

O cumuli, down, down
accumulate, thicken into
different dreams, versions
of Shakespeare’s fat, shy neighbors, hymning
into separate colors, distinct, half-asleep
in the smoky troposphere.

*Cristiana Baik*'s work has been published in *Jacket Magazine,
Conjunctions, American Letters & Commentary*, and other publications.  She
runs ::: the press gang:::, a small press with fellow poet, Sara Wintz, and
works as an editorial assistant for the *Boston Review*.

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